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Investigatory Services

Specializing in services for attorneys, insurance companies and private-sector employers

Truth Verification

We use the latest in computer voice stress (CVSA) technology and proven interview tactics to verify truth and identify deception. This state of the art, highly portable, technology allows us to conduct exams at just about any location.

Every exam is recorded in high-definition video and audio, stored on our secure cloud server, and encrypted to meet the most stringent evidentiary standards. We provide you a comprehensive and detailed examiner's report and secure download of your video files.

Defense Client Screening

The ability to properly defend your client is predicated on your assurance of their truthfulness. It takes services like ours to bring those truths to the surface.

Sex Offender Screening

We conduct court-ordered sex offender screening for probation and parole clients.

Private Investigations

Even the most thorough and well-intentioned law enforcement investigators miss things and cut corners. We can help identify and uncover any stones left unturned in your client's case.

Colorado certified Private Investigator II (License # PI2.0000626)

Employee Theft Investigation

We conduct comprehensive employee theft cases to help you eliminate bad employees that are costing your business money. We'll provide you with a detailed law enforcement-quality report so that you're covered should you decide to terminate, or file criminal charges against, the offending employee.

Pre-employment Screening

If you want to avoid internal loss and theft, we'll provide you with a comprehensive screening process to help you weed out the bad eggs before you hire them. In certain cases, we can incorporate truth verification as part of the screening process, as permitted by law.

Insurance Fraud Recovery

We conduct investigations relating to all forms of insurance claims and fraud, including workers compensation claims, medical malpractice claims, and more. With our on-staff Certified Legal Nurse, we can help you put together the most comprehensive case against frivelous claims.

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