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Truth Verification

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– Why is truth verification necessary?

Contrary to standard belief, truth verification, or “lie detection” as it is more commonly called, is not about distinguishing between truth and lies. But rather…

“Truth verification is about distinguishing between accepted truths and hidden truths.”

Think of truth like an iceberg. On the surface you see a small portion for viewing, but under the surface are hidden details; the inconvenient truths that people don't want you to know. Not uncovering these truths creates significant risk for you, your law firm, your agency, or your business, and its reputation. It takes services like ours to bring those truths to the surface.

Our Methods

We use a conversational approach to every interview, focused first on establishing a rapport with the subject and breaking down defensive barriers. We utilize the latest in voice stress technology, the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA). This device is a supplement to our interview as a means of verifying truth and identifying deception, and thereby uncovering additional truths.

In order to ensure impartiality and accuracy, every CVSA exam is scored by the examiner then scored again by an internal software algorithm. In cases where there is a scoring conflict, the exam is scored again by an impartial Master Examiner.



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We'll discuss your case with you and determine whether truth verification is an appropriate method to accomplish your goals.


On-site examination

The portability of the CVSA technology allows us to take it anywhere. As long as you can provide a quiet and private location for the exam to take place, we will come to you. If you do not have an adequate location for the exam, we will provide one. The length of an exam can range anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.


Evidence collection

We record every interview on our own high-tech equipment. All recordings are captured in high-definition video and audio. Recordings are automatically wirelessly transferred and stored on a secure off-site server with SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption. The recordings are never handled or transferred manually. This process creates an audit log of every recording in order to demonstrate in court that the video was not altered in any way, at any point in time.



Upon completion, you will be verbally informed of the results of the examination. Following the exam you will receive a complete examiner's report documenting the interview and exam, and its outcome. The report will include exam charts, questions asked, and analysis. You will also receive a secure download of the video and audio collected during the exam.

The Science

The CVSA represents trusted and proven technology used by thousands of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and the military.

The CVSA measures psychophysiological changes in response to direct questions, but unlike the polygraph, it focuses solely on changes in voice frequency controlled by involuntary muscles.

In other words, there is no way for a human to control the reactions measured by the CVSA. Using only a microphone and the CVSA instrument, the results are charted to indicate stress associated with “deception” or “no deception.” With the CVSA, there are no inconclusive results as there are with the polygraph.

The CVSA is the only truth verification device to be proven accurate in field-studies. The 18-year field study, conducted by Professor James L. Chapman and printed in the Scientific Journal of Criminalistics and Court Expertise, reports the accuracy rate of the CVSA at 99.69%.

Veritas Congruence Group, LLC is the exclusive provider of private-sector CVSA exams in the state of Colorado


Board approved for the private-sector by the National Institute of Truth Verification


A member of the National Association of Certified Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA)

Proven Results

The CVSA has been used to solve thousands of high-profile cases nationwide 


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